Is the school System failing our boys?

school Well you must’ve heard it before, “Boys are failing.”

I agree boys are failing. Why are boys failing? Are they incapable of comprehension and applying mathematical concepts? No. Are they dumber than women? No. Are they less suited to our modern school system? Yes. There was a time when boys were doing much better than they are now. They had class environment more suited to them and they were more focused on the content. The same cannot be said of boys today. In fact we have created a school system that encourages boys’ failure.

school-booksThe school system today is a great environment. Great for mindless drones who will just gobble up what has been taught to them. It has been shown through studies that boys from a young start questioning what has been told to them. As a former tutor, I have been asked many times by boys, “what do we have to know this for?” If a satisfactory answer is not given to them, they lose interest in the topic easily and feel unmotivated.

It is proven that boys do better in specific areas of interests while girls are more likely to do well across a wider variety of subjects. In a system whereby we push subjects and topics people are hardly likely to use, the likelihood of boys failing becomes even scarier. It was found that in subjects that boys are not interested in, they are way less likely to try to improve their grades and also to do homework. This means that their low grades are likely to remain low through their school lives.

Boys prefer a more interactive and open classroom, unfortunately most of the classrooms today have become a very isolating place for boys. They are forced to ask questions only within a specific time, deal with teachers who are unapproachable and sit in a class where there is a monopoly of opinion. Also, today teachers are way less likely to take students around the school, have classes outside the classroom and take students on trips. These occurrences are negative to the performance of boys.

school-boysNobody likes being roughed up. Words hurt! Everyone, not people in the school environment, are harsher in criticism towards boys. In fact it doesn’t stop there, boys are less likely to be given make up tests, less likely to be given help by teachers and more likely to have their education neglected by parents.

Unless these problems are rectified, we will continue to see our boys scraping their way out of school and being more likely to become unproductive citizens. We are more likely to see them seek drugs and other reprieve to make up for the void left by their failures. So I don’t think boys are failing school, I think that schools are failing boys.